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Acid-Base Imbalance and Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation


Purpose: To introduce learners to the concepts of acidosis and alkalosis and how the identification and treatment of these factors can be determined through arterial blood gas interpretation.

Course objectives: After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Determine acidosis or alkalosis based on a patient’s resulted pH
  • Determine the respiratory effects of acidosis or alkalosis based on a patients resulted PaCO2
  • Distinguish between metabolic and respiratory effects
  • Identify compensation versus the correction of an acid base disorder
  • Identify common causes of major acid-base disorders

Subject Matter: The subject matter centers on enhancing proficiency in the interpretation of arterial blood gas results and identifying possible causes as well as nursing interventions

Teaching Methods:

Face to face: Discussion of the concepts of acid-base balance, review of basic terminology and arterial blood gases. Hypoxemia and ideas surrounding compensation will also be reviewed. A majority of the class will be dedicated to harnessing proficiency in ABG result interpretation.

Home study. Learner will read material and familiarize themselves with all content. By the end of the self-study, all objectives should have been met

Evaluation Methods: Test questions to be answered with a passing grade of 76% (13/17) or more.
Completion of course evaluation.
Certificate given for those with passing grades. Remediation offered to those who fail.

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Course Curriculum

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